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Q05-台灣餅創新獎「錢餅」秸稈小盒 / Q05 Cash Coin Pastry Straw Small box

Q05-台灣餅創新獎「錢餅」秸稈小盒 / Q05 Cash Coin Pastry Straw Small box

Product Name: Q05 Cash Coin Pastry "Taiwan Cake Innovation Award" Straw Small box
Ingredient: Flour, Taiwan Cane molasses (Taiwan No. 5 sugarcane), Taiwan Raw cane sugar (Taiwan No. 5 sugarcane), Maltose.
淨重: 245公克(49g x 5)
Net Weight: 245g (49g x 5)
注意事項: 貯存方法,常溫置於陰涼乾燥處或冷凍,冷凍退溫15分鐘後,即可食用(不須加熱)。
Matters needing attention: Storage method, store in a cool and dry place at room temperature or freeze, after freezing for 15 minutes, it can be eaten (no need to heat).
原產地: 台灣
Country of origin: Taiwan
有效期限: 常溫3個月、冷凍6個月
Validity period: 3 months at room temperature, 6 months in freezer
用法: 「直接食用」:搭配咖啡、牛奶當下午茶。
Usage: "Direct consumption": pair with coffee and milk for afternoon tea.
"Sesame oil with eggs": moon cakes, specially made up for girls.
"Sesame Oil with Dried Longan": Supplement for boys, edible for girls. (Boys must be at least 18 years old or have a girlfriend to eat, so as not to overdose nosebleeds!)
"Bubble cake": add milk, soy milk, almond tea, coffee to supplement nutrition for children or elders.
"Using pie as a plate": The concept is small pizza, with various dishes, sweet, salty and delicious, and the plate does not need to be washed after eating.
好處: 古錢餅:外圓內方「吃古錢餅 生錢仔子」。椪餅口感較硬脆,古錢餅口感較軟Q。
因台南「米其林 椪餅」空心易碎,赤崁糖研發創新的發明專利產品。
※獲2022經濟部「台灣餅 創新獎」、

※「秸稈小盒」:甘蔗渣、稻稈,混和壓製而成。飼料(可以給牛馬羊吃的包裝盒)、肥料(種多肉植物,或剪碎了當肥料)、材料(包裝、建築…)、燃料(火力發電) 。
Benefits: Cash Coin Pastry outer circle and inner square "eat ancient coin cake and make money". The taste of Pong Pia is harder and crisp, while the taste of ancient coin cakes is softer.
Because Tainan's "Michelin Pong Pia" is hollow and fragile, rhalife developed an innovative patented product.
※Won the Ministry of Economic Affairs "Taiwan Cake Innovation Award" in 2022,
※2022 Taiwan's Top 100 Pastry Gifts.

※"Straw small box": Bagasse and rice straw are mixed and pressed. Feed (packaging boxes that can be eaten by cattle, horses and sheep), fertilizer (plant succulents, or shred them as fertilizer), materials (packaging, construction...), fuel (thermal power generation).
$ 50